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As you may know, Google has hit a lot of website owners to remove their listings in the search results, or bury them. These last 2 updates both "panda" and "penguin" have been really hard on many website owners.

I have heard from countless people how they lost all of their rankings and their income has disappeared. I hate that Google has so much power over people.

It's time to fight back! Did you know that SEO Scheduler will show you how to do SEO so that you are immune to these Google updates? It really is true.

This is an email I got a few days ago after the updates did their damage.

Hi Adam,

Just wanted to say SEO Scheduler is a great tool and thanks for
creating it.

It has helped us on to page one spot 2 for one of our main search
phrases and many more are heading that way.

Keep up the good work!!!


Skin Oasis

I have experienced this exact same success since these updates have happened. My website Prosperly.com moved up in the rankings when the update happened to the top 3 on Google for the phrase "internet marketing". I would love to help you get the same results.

I figure that by putting a one time payment on our highest SEO plan, you will be more likely to act and get your website optimized. It also means I stand to make a lot less money but It's not like I will go broke from this offer.

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But don't take my word for it, look at some of the notes I have received from current SEO Scheduler members:
"I am most impressed with your service, it has opened a big door for me. Your product is what you claim it to be. - very good and easy to navigate which is great for all including an internet novice like me. Thanks."
Len Hend Paintwithlen.com

"It really is amazing how this site tells me exactly what to do and it all works. Our rankings are on the first page of Google for almost all of our keywords. For the price, good luck finding something better."
Jake - QualityProGarage.com

"I currently use your software and I think it is fantastic, very easy and my ranking already increased on the 3 sites I am trying if for."
John, PPC Leads

"Your SEO software works! My story is I have always had google adwords and done well with it along with some other online referral sites. My seo rankings before your program, note just 10 days ago, were totally non-existent.

I have gone from No rankings to 50th to 25th to now pretty much everything under 25. Some have gone #1 and 2, but the best is a lot have gone first page. Take a look at my rankings, seo scheduler can't crawl fast enough. We are in a 100% better rank position that your last crawl.

Anyway, thank you."

Chad Murray - Master Services Inc.

"I am a new member and I 1st wanted to say thanks. I have been thru a dozen SEO products and nothing compares to your services, I was about to give up. I was completely shot so thanks so much."
Gregg, Levans Catering

"Hi my name is John and I own a party rental business called Just 4 Jumps. I discovered Seo Scheduler about 2 months ago. I read everything I could about the service and finally decided to give it a go. I wasn't a complete newbie to SEO but my knowledge was limited. There system takes you step by step in setting up your account then gives you tasks to do on a daily basis. They walk you thru each task and explain exactly why you are doing it. Seo Scheduler is practically automated, you invest usually ten minutes a day and they do the rest.

After 2 months my rankings have improved immensely and I have every intention on continuing to use their system for quite a long time. Remember that SEO is an ongoing process. If you are a business owner and want to increase traffic which will lead to increased sales and brand recognition then Seo Scheduler is for you.

Thanks Seo Scheduler."

John G. - Just4Jumps.com

Those are just a few of the notes we have on file...there are many more. Don't you think it's time you joined these SEO Scheduler members?

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