Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is SEO Scheduler?
A. SEO Scheduler takes the guess work out of SEO. It was created after spending many years as an SEO consultant telling small business owners what my rates were. Most of them couldn’t afford the thousands of dollars to get the professional SEO done. So I went to work creating a system that would help small business owners by telling them how to do their own SEO and when to do it so they could professionally optimize their own websites at a fraction of the price.

The software is based on tasks, in other words different tasks for optimizing pages, content, link building etc are automatically created based around the key phrases you want to rank for. So the software will look at the key phrases you want to rank the most and give you more tasks for those phrases while also helping you target your other second tier key phrases.

There is no more wondering what else you can do to increase your rankings for a particular key phrase, SEO Scheduler automatically schedules out the tasks for you in a proven method that help you move up the rankings.

Q. How Does SEO Scheduler Help You?
A. As a website/business owner you can’t be thinking about SEO all of the time. In fact most business owners don’t think about it at all because they are too busy running their business. SEO Scheduler gives you on average about 1 task a day that usually takes about 20 minutes or less to complete. All you have to do is login, complete your task and rest easy that your site is going to move up the rankings.

When you first start out the tasks are basic ie add a blog to your site, and create a title and description for your home page, but as you go along they become more focused on targeting specific key phrases. The majority of the tasks are link building tasks as it has been my experience that link building has more of an effect on rankings than any other SEO technique.

Q. How do I cancel my account?
A. Not that you would ever want to, 🙂 but we have one click cancelling. Just login to your account, click on the edit account link and then click on the big orange unsubscribe button. It is really that easy.

Q. Why Is It So Cheap?
A. Thanks for asking. SEO Scheduler tells you what to do to optimize your site but you still have to do it. Many of the tasks will tell you places to go buy links or pay a copywriter. I keep the cost down so you have money left over to actually do the optimization.

Q. Does SEO Software Really Work?
A. I have always been strongly against any type of SEO software because when it comes to the intriqicies of each site, there has to be human involvement. I knew that in order for SEO software to be successful you had to create a system that not only tells a person what to do but also teaches them how to do it with real life examples.

That is exactly what SEO Scheduler is; a mixture of traditional SEO software and the human touch your website needs as I teach you the core principles of SEO and then tell you how to optimize your website for the search engines like a pro would, without the extreme cost to do it.

Q. Who Should Use The Software?
A. The software was built using the same SEO strategies and techniques that I used to optimize over 300 websites while working as an SEO consultant. The software is for any small business owner that doesn’t feel like they know SEO really well and would like an SEO expert to guide them along the way. Most website owners spend the majority of their SEO effort on their top 2 or 3 key phrases if they do anything at all. SEO Scheduler will help you distribute your SEO effort to target more key phrases but still put the main focus on your most important ones.

The tasks have very specific instructions including where to go to get links, what key phrase to target, what url to point links to etc. It was built to be specific so anyone could use it.

Q. How long will it take my site to get high rankings?
A. This is probably the most often asked question and the answer is, it depends. There are many factors that affect how long it will take your site to rise to the top of Google including, website age, link building profile, competition, and key phrases you are targeting. For some websites it can happen in 1-2 months. For others it can take 6+ months. What I can guarantee you is that if you follow the steps exactly as outlined with SEO Scheduler, you will give your website the best chance for success.

Q. Do you guarantee top rankings?
A. Besides death and taxes, there are no guarantees in life. SEO is no different. Since we do not have control over what the search engines are going to do, we can not guarantee any rankings. We do guarantee that if you follow the steps we outline for you exactly, your website will be optimized to the utmost industry standards and will have the best chance for SEO success.

Q. My website is brand new, will this work for me?
A. SEO Scheduler is designed to help any website new or old, optimized or not optimized. The techniques we will teach you will help your website get maximum exposure to the search engines.

Q. Will my high rankings be permanent?
A. No rankings are permanent with the search engines. They update their algorithms all the time and so the rankings are constantly changing as a result. There is no guarantee that your rankings will stay in any place but we will make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your rankings where you want them to be.

Q. Do I have to sign a long term contract?
A. No. Membership with SEO Scheduler is on a month to month basis. You can cancel at anytime.There are no long term contracts or committments.

Q. How do I get billed?
A. When you sign up you will automatically be billed the amount of your membership each month.

Q. Are there other hidden costs apart from the monthly fee?
A. As you optimize your website we will give you new tasks to perform that will increase your website’s rankings. Not all of the suggestions we give you are free, however we at SEO Scheduler do not profit from these suggestions. You have the ability to skip any task that is not free to complete.